The difference between level 1, 2, 3 chargers

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How to choose ev chargers of different levels?

There are currently many types of electric vehicle charging piles on the market, each with different power levels and charging speeds. The type of charger a car owner needs depends on the type of electric vehicle the owner has, the distance the owner typically travels and how much time the owner has to charge.

In this blog, we will figure out the differences in these charging levels and give guidance on which level is best choice for your business.

This table summarizes the different charging powers and speeds of the three level chargers. There are three levels of EV charging specification:Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. The higher the level of charging, the faster the charging process.

Level 1 Charging :

* Power level: 1-1.4 kW;

* Charging speed: slowest, 5-8 kilometers/3-5 miles per hour;

*Locations: home charging at night;

* Connector: Household socket (120V);

Level 2 Charging :

* Power level: 3.9-19.2 kW;

* Charging speed: Moderate, 19-129 kilometers/12-80 miles of range per hour;

* Locations:  Home charging, workplace charging, public charging;

* Connector: J1772 (North America) or Type 2 (Europe) or China GB/T;

Level 3 Charging (DC fast charging):

* Power levels: 50-350 kW (and higher)

* Charging speed: fastest, 95-320 km/60-200 miles of range in 30 minutes;

* Typical uses: Public charging piles on highways and urban areas;

* Connector: CCS (combined charging system) or CHAdeMO or China GB/T;

In short, if you are an individual seller, we recommend you choose L2. L1 charging speed is too slow and the experience is not good. If you are an online or offline store operator, you can choose L2, which has portable packaging and many types, including portable, wall-mounted, and column-type.The price is moderate and customers are more likely to accept it.

 If you are a parking lot operator, you can choose L3, which has fast charging speed and high revenue,profit from charging new energy vehicles for customers but has higher budget requirements than L1 and L2 chargers.

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