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With many years of experience, we have served customers in more than 30 countries and provided perfect ODM&OEM projects for customers, we are experienced in all EV products from design to manufacturing, know how to avoid these problems in design, and know how to deliver a perfect customized product to customers. We have a complete supply chain and advanced management system, which can minimize the cost of customers.

This step requires confirmation of all the details, which includes:

  • Appearance (sketches, renderings);
  • Functional requirements (display, APP, Bluetooth, etc.);
  • Basic parameters (power, interface standards, IP rating, etc.);
  •  Electrical performance (RCD types, protection mechanisms, related component requirements, etc.);
  • Certification requirements (TUV, ROHS, CE, UL, FCC…);
  • External customization (LOGO, color, stickers, etc.);
  • Packaging (instruction manual, boxes, barcodes, etc.);
  • Customization cycle (specific to the time period of each procedure);
  • Customization fees (accurate customization fees will be determined according to the above details)

Confirmation of the details of this part is an important procedure before signing the contract

The customization project of related products is officially over after the customized contents are completed according to the contract signed by both parties and the customer gets the product that fully meets the requirements. 

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Then we need to arrange mass production and delivery according to customer’s market planning Many customers will have a better understanding of the market demand, functional positioning of the products and the technical strength of the factory who succeeds cutomizing their ideal products through first cooperation. 

Subsequent customization needs of other products will be practiced more efficiently (once the first product is recognized by the market, many customers will choose to further launch related series of products) 


Note: Considering the capital occupation and the turnover rate of warehouse materials, the facotry usually will prepare related product materials according to the customer’s sales plan to maintain a safe material inventory .

 Therefore, if there is any adjustment or major change in the sales plan, the factory needs to be informed in time so that they can make relevant preparations in advance At the same time, don’t forget to apply for relevant patents for your own products to protect your own rights.

Whether you're in need of residential, commercial, or institutional design services, we have the expertise and creativity to bring your project to life.

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