11kW 22kW 44kW Dual Gun Floor Standing AC Charger

Simple and intelligent

OCPP(1.6 above)communication protocol with CMS Wireless communication Wi-Fi/Ethernet/4G optional

Secure and Safe

MID certified energy meter with accurate measurement Type B leakage protection

Fast Charging

44KW type2 charging plug, public charging choice


This is a high-power AC charging station with cyberpunk style for home use. It can output constant power at 11KW or 22KW. You can choose between wall-mounted and Floor-mounted installations. The input should be 3 phase and you can control it through your smart phone APP.

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Scope of Application

The AC charging pile provides AC 50 HZ, rated voltage 380V AC power supply for electric vehicle charging with on-board charger, mainly applicable to the following places:

◇ Large, medium and small electric vehicle charging stations;

◇ Urban residential areas, shopping squares, electric business places and other public places with electric car parking Spaces;

◇ High-speed service areas, stations and docks and other transportation hub areas;

◇ Real estate and project construction acceptance needs.

The Working Environment

The surrounding air temperature during operation is-25℃ ~50℃, and the average daily temperature of 24h is 35℃; (too high or too low temperature will affect the life of the product);

◇ Average relative humidity of 90% (25℃), no condensation phenomenon on the surface;

◇ Air pressure: 80 kpa ~ 110 kpa;

◇ Installation vertical inclination of 5%;

◇ Experimental grade I of vibration and impact in the use site, and the induction strength of external magnetic field in either direction is 1.55 mT;

◇ The use place shall not have the explosion risk of the medium, the surrounding medium does not contain corrosion of metal and insulation damage of harmful gas and conductive media, do not allow to be filled with water vapor and more serious mildew coach bacteria existence;

◇ The use place should avoid direct sunlight. When outdoor installation, it is recommended to add shading facilities for the charging pile to extend the service life of the equipment; If users have special requirements, they can negotiate with our company.

Functional characteristics

Provided, floor type installation mode;

◇ AC 380V AC input; main control board with embedded operating system, charging mode is automatic charged;

◇ Using a 4.3-inch display screen display;

◇ Use the three-phase electronic electricity meter for electrical degree measurement, and communicate with the main control board through the RS-485 interface;

◇ The appearance adopts the sheet metal structure.

Product Attributes

Product Parameter

Power Rating


Way to install


Go line way

Down into the line, down into the line

Equipment size


Cable Length

3.5m (according to the actual demand length)



Incoming Frequency


Output Voltage




Limit the protection value


Human-computer Interface

The 4.3-inch display screen LED indicator light bar; 

The LED indicator light bar

Charging Method

APP payment /scan codecharging / credit card charging; 

Plug and plug;

Swipe card to start

Mode of payment

Pay by scanning the code / Pay by swiping the card/Pay by credit card payment

Network Way

Ethernet / 4G

Operative Norm


Safety Function

Charging gun temperature detection, overvoltage protection, under-voltage protection, overload protection, short-circuit protection, grounding protection, over-temperature protection, lightning protection, emergency stop protection, leakage protection

Working Temperature


Levels of Protection



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